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Oct 11, 2022
Today I got a notification about my mac's (2019 15 MacBook Pro) battery. Cycle count is 803. I read online that MacBook batteries usually lasts around till 1000 cycles and it's recommended to replace it but I mostly use my MacBook plugged in so is it okay not to replace battery? Can anyone share their experience? Do you use your Mac plugged in all the time and your cycle count is big like just like mine? Is it okay if I keep using it ignoring the message? First time Mac user. Any advice/experience highly appreciated


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Oct 25, 2016
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yeah I can tell you a little about that… so batteries don't "like" to be at 100% all the time, that actually ages them prematurely and could lead to swelling or explosion. That's why Apple introduced "optimized charging" for iPhone, where it'll stay at 80% charge all night, and only go to 100% about an hour before it expects you to wake up.

Swelling or explosion is unlikely, mind you, but not as unlikely as if you kept it at a more moderate number. (I actually heard about a guy who hooked up a HomeKit power switch to his charger, and set up an automation to turn it on when his laptop battery reached 20%, and off when it turned 80%… probably a ridiculous over-optimization, but very funny)

The first thing you should do is get Coconut Battery. It will give you a much more detailed look at the quality of your laptop battery. I'm gonna paste in the report from my own right here… it's a one-year-old M1 MBP, I'm actually surprised to see it t 83% design capacity, that kind of sucks for this age. But that's what I get for keeping it at 100% most of the time.

The risk is that an old battery will develop "bubbles." Basically these zones of dead-space will appear in the battery, and your computer is no longer able to accurately read how much power is left. You might be sitting there are 80%, and suddenly it'll knock to 5%, and then die. And no, being plugged in constantly won't help; I had a neighbor with a truly dead battery in a Macbook Air, and kernel panic'ed constantly until I replaced the battery for her.

The rule of thumb is basically, if your battery design capacity is under 80%, replace it. If you use it plugged in all the time… you can probably get by with ignoring that until you get to like 50%, but don't be surprised if your Macbook just starts to get "weird."

p.s. Coconut Battery can give you detailed info on iOS battery devices too… I consider this one of those must-have power user apps.


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Oct 25, 2016
gentrification fallout zone
clarification on what you see here:
- My battery is currently at 1663mAh (23% of max charge) because I've been working all day.
- It was capable of 8694mAh (design capacity) when I bought it
- … and now can only charge a max of 7269mAh (83% of design capacity)… normal for a two-year-old computer, but not great for a one-year-old.

iPhones throttle performance under 80% quality because of the aforementioned bubble issue, I have no idea if Macs do as well, but… honestly you should just get it over with.
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Sep 13, 2022
OP: I have a 2019 intel air that is plugged in all the time - it's my hand-me-down and now used as a desktop for my kids. I wouldn't replace the battery in it unless I was absolutely forced to. And then I'd probably just recycle the whole thing if somehow that happened.

Net/net - I'd ignore it.


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Feb 20, 2009
Do you live anywhere near a brick n mortar Apple Store?
(NOT a "3rd-party provider" -- a REAL Apple Store)

If so, then the $199 battery replacement is the best deal around.
For that, you get:
- a new, APPLE-LABELED battery
- installation
- a short warranty.

You're not gonna beat that.
And... it's time.

NOTE: This offer may also be available "through the mail". Apple may offer to send you a prepaid shipping box, you send it out, it comes back with the job done.
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