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Hi There!

I received my 12" Macbook 1.3 BTO this morning (UK). Absolutely love it! It definitely is going to take some time to adapt to this Macbook. Especially the keyboard!!

Anyway I have noticed that the laptop is running muke warm the majority of the time. Out of curiosity I installed the Cocobattery application.

Upon launch it immediately notified me that the battery is running too 'hot'; which is of course a concern!

How is everyone elses Macbook comparing to these results?

(Results when laptop is charging)


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Sep 11, 2013
San Diego, CA
It says the battery is running at 36.1 C which is a hair less than body temperature. This is definitely not too hot. If it were to get too hot, your MB would shut itself down. But in any case, 36C is plenty cool.
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Nov 19, 2005
I get this even on my 2010 MBP running both Mav and Yos...

But if I run Snow Leopard which can only support coconutBattery 2.8 the latest, my batt temp records at 30.9 C...
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