Battery Usage Stats Wrong. What is running in the background?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TheSpaz, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. TheSpaz macrumors 604


    Jun 20, 2005
    Today I was using "Faces" on my iPhone and it suddenly crashed. I thought nothing of it and put the iPhone down. For the heck of it, I decided to check my usage and it said 3 hours 0 minutes of usage! I know for a fact that I only used my iPhone for a couple of minutes today to play with faces until it crashed. Oh, and I charged the iPhone completely last night and in the Usage screen it does not say "iPhone has been plugged in since last full charge.

    It's certainly been sleeping there on my desk with the screen off so I'm guessing that whatever was running in faces before it crashed, continued to run even after it crashed. This could be a possible exploit. If someone wanted to make an App that purposely crashed after some weird combination of actions and run a script in the background... Apple might let it on the App Store if they did not know about the bug.

    Oh, by the way... iPod was not running and Mail was not running and there were no web pages loaded in Safari. I checked.

    3 hours ago it was about 10AM here and that's about the time I was messing with Faces.

    Edit: I just checked... 10:32AM is when I actually downloaded Faces.

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  2. TheSpaz thread starter macrumors 604


    Jun 20, 2005
    It seems like my usage is still going up even though my iPhone is asleep. I even restarted it.

    Couple of notes:

    1. I am not jailbroken
    2. This just started happening today suddenly
    3. Mail checking is set to MANUALLY
    4. Since I posted the screenshot, the usage went from 3 hours 6 minutes to 3 hours 16 minutes... and I know I did not use the iPhone for 10 minutes... even so... if I'm getting 10 minutes per hour of ghost usage... how did I get 3 hours of usage out of 5 hours of standby?
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    Jun 3, 2008
    Dutchess County New York
    Turn the phone off and then turn it back on. This should reset whatever is chewing up the usage.

    I had this happen to me a few times, where I would get a full charge before I went to bed and then when I woke up it would have a usage numbers for almost the whole night when it was asleep. Turning it on an off would usually do the trick. Never could determine what the culprit was though.
  4. andyblila macrumors 65816


    Jul 8, 2008
    On My iPhone, or my iPad?
    I seem to remember reading about this issue in another thread as well. I think its a memory leak of some sort???
  5. TheSpaz thread starter macrumors 604


    Jun 20, 2005
    I fixed it by doing a hard reset. Then I charged it all the way (which only took a few minutes... Indicating that whatever was eating up my usage wasn't too battery hungry) now it's back to normal. I think it was that Faces app.
  6. milani macrumors 68000


    Aug 8, 2008
    My usage today was even worse: 2 hours 44 minutes since full charge.

    I also did a hard reset, hopefully that helps.

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