Battle 2012: Note 2 vs Iphone5 vs 920

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by delToros, Sep 29, 2012.

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    First of all, I'm with iphone since 2g. Its have been a long time so I'm consideribg trying something new. As for me, I see only two alternatives for ip5: note 2 (s-pen is really unique) and lumia for wp8.

    Cloud things, passbook, playlists, autocorrections are not my concern (for various reasons). But I have some question, that I would like to hear the answer from end-users (never tried android or wp):

    1) can you while writing email attach multiple files (.doc, .xls, .mp3 at the same time)?

    2) what about compatability issues with android and wp? Not all apps made for these screen sizes and resolution? How note an wps deal with that?

    3) file system on wp8. Can you download file via bluetooth/ie etc. and not just common jpgs, but mkvs, flvs etc?

    4) big screen would be great for working with documents, so is there office app on android and wp to see corrections and remarks in word documents? And how office apps are in general?

    5) In android - how systems updets work? I mean apple has one update per iphone and that is all while there are so many android phones with diff custom android builts.. For example, google releases android 5 yellow donut, will I have update for note 2? Or this is question like "it depends.."

    6) what is the situation with viruses on android an wp? I really don't know and I'm really dont believe people who say "on addroid viruses so bad, your house would explode".. Now really:
    - how can you get one (internet browsing/ apps/ mail. Etc?)
    - what is the worst damage? (botnet, data stealing, data loss, permanent phone damage)?

    7) how is the situation with backups on android and wp? Is it the same like in ios? For example.. My iphone exploded, i get new one and restore it with all setting, wifi passwords, smss, notes, alarms.. But if my note gets eaten by the virus (literally), can i get new one and restore it like iphone? Or it will be just contacs for example?

    Thanks a lot!
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    I'll just answer the android questions since i dont know about windows phone.

    1) You can multitask with android

    2) The apps automatically scale to your screen size

    3) You can download just about any file, if not you can just connect it via usb and drop the files in that way. If its a certain type of file that the phone can't open, there's plenty of apps in the market that'll open the file.

    4) There's Google Docs, Office Suite, Quickoffice, etc.

    5) The way the updates work is it depends on how popular the phone is, the more popular it is the more likely it'll get the update for the next OS. Or if you wanted to delve into the hacking side of it, developers create custom roms which you can flash and they tend to have the latest android version

    6) The main way people get viruses is by downloading the wrong apps. I thinks its easy to determine which apps to stay away from. Google has been cracking down lately on these rouge apps so its tougher to download a bad app now.

    7) On android your contacts are synced to your Google account and there are plenty of apps that can backup your stuff.

    Hope this helps!

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