Battlefield 3 on Vista (not XP) and OS X simultaneously?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by LoganT, Oct 12, 2007.

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    Battlefield 2142 is already on the Apple Store, along with all the other games EA has released on the Mac, but we haven't heard anything official about Battlefield 3 yet, for any platform. That's why DigitalBattles was so surprised to find a list of Battlefield 3 features in a document meant for investors. And the most interesting "feature" on the list was this: "Windows Vista and OS X." That's right, if the leaked document is true, it appears EA wants to release Battlefield 3 simultaneously on OS X and Vista. And not on XP. That's what I'm talking about!

    Of course, EA wasn't real happy with all the speculation, but they didn't actually deny anything. And as DB points out, the investor document didn't say that XP wouldn't be supported, it only specified Vista and OS X.

    But still, if you told me earlier this year that Battlefield 3 would be released on OS X and not XP, I would have laughed in your face. If EA really is planning to bring out a top tier, anticipated title like this simultaneously on OS X, they might be able to redeem themselves to Mac gamers yet. Sure, I'm still angry at them for buying out BioWare, but brand new games on the Mac is good for everyone.
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    It's probably going to be a DX10 game, and that's why it's not supported by XP. However, there are people that are working on getting DX10 to work on XP, in which case....the games may be playable...Last I checked they thought they would be done sometime this fall....I wish I could remember what the link was. A lot of old computers that people have don't even have DX10 compatible VC's, or even Vista compatible systems, due to the high demand for ram. So for most anyone to upgrade to Vista so they could play, would mean they would have to buy a new computer. I say get OSX and XP/Vista on a new mac...hopefully in the not so distant future we will see enough good games on the mac that we can scrap are windows partitions altogether.:apple:

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