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    Alright report time. I didn't know how to take screenshots in windows, every site I pulled up said "use the prnt key" but obviously i don't have that. So just going to have to trust my numbers I wrote down on paper. ;) One thing you'll notice, framerates change dramatically map to map! If anyone else has played with a different setup, please post below and let us know!

    Vsync was on for all these. Was mostly playing walker assault so 40 players in the match.
    1440p ultra settings on hoth, 55fps pretty solid.
    1440p ultra settings on Endor, 32fps, I'm thinking the amount of foliage is very gpu taxing. Had some spikes to mid 40s but was pretty consistantly low 30s. Certainly playable but not buttery smooth at all.
    1440p ultra settings on Tatooine, 46fps pretty solid.

    1440 high settings on hoth, 60fps, very few drops
    1440 high settings on Endor, mid 40s, had a couple dips but again the foliage is quite taxing.
    1440 high settings on Tattoine, 55fps, very few drops

    1440 mid settings on hoth, 60fps, no drops
    1440 high settings on Endor, 55-60fps, at this point there must be a key texture change or shadow adjustment because it rapidly got to be high framerates compared to small bumps between ultra and high.
    1440 high settings on Tattoine, 60fps, no drops

    I played around a bit on 1080p but it was just too soft for my taste. I'd rather have the clarity than slightly better framerate. Honestly I don't really notice much of a difference going from 45-60fps, slightly smoother but not worth the resolution drop, going to 1080p on ultra settings on Tatooine I was getting mid 50s fps.

    It's with a very heavy heart that I won't be posting any more framerates, I returned it to Orgin after about 7 hours of play. The game is just so... limited. There's 4 actual maps if you want to play mid/big team. No campaign and just limited to online play was something I was troubled about but decided it would be ok if the online was great. It isn't. No server browser. No frickin VOICE CHAT with your team! Customization doesn't exist for weapons. The flying controls are completely and utterly broken on pc, it's so bad I was in multiple matches where there were flat out no starships in the sky cuz no one would get in it. The gameplay itself is very on dimensional, run and gun. There's two real ground vehicles, the slow and vulnerable ATST and the speederbike that only exists on certain levels and even then it's mostly just a way to move you from point a-b faster. There is no narrative or sense of cooperation online, the opening demo trailers were extremely misleading, they made it seem like there would be some sort of narrative or feel of progression as the match goes on during objective games but aside from a call over the radio to "move up", it's basically controlling the Satcoms from Battlefield.

    I was just all in all terribly disappointed. I had been looking forward to this game for more than two years, I'm a HUGE star wars fan and a big fan of the battlefield games but this is just not worth 60 bucks. When it hits 30 bucks on ps4 (likely in a few weeks) I'll buy it. Compared to how much game my dollar will buy in Halo 5 or Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 ect ect, this is just missing way too much. This game is just too self contradicting, they claimed they didn't include a campaign because they wanted to make an amazing multiplayer experience... that clearly wasn't true because the online experience is so shallow and limited. They claimed they didn't want to include Jedi and droids (clone wars stuff) because they wanted to make it "true to the original movies" yet they didn't even do that. There was never any battle of rebels vs imperials on Endor while rag tag rebels are using jump jets to go up into trees while using bubble shields, that's perfectly acceptable yet we can't play as battle droids?

    My advice: Don't buy it now, wait for a massive price drop. It's half a game. Don't get me wrong, VISUALLY it's amazing to look at... but who cares if it becomes boring after 3 hours? Eye candy and nostalgia can only do so much to make up for the fact that it feels like the "free" version in the app store, looks good but it's missing SO MUCH. :(
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    I'll be very interested in your results as I have just recently installed Windows 10 on my iMac and plan to buy Battlefront from Origin.
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    I forgot to mention heat. The fans kicked in a few times, usually when on Endor. I kept an eye on temps, cpu was in the 70s most of the time and gpu mid 80s. GPU occasionally got hotter but then the fan helped cool it down. So no overheating! Great job imac, poor job EA.

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