BBC iPlayer downloads to cache?

Discussion in 'Apple TV Apps' started by TWHH, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Question for UK folks:

    I'm thinking of ditching Sky and using Now TV for my Murdoch fix. However, using this for via a Now TV app doesn't give access to a iPlayer/ITV Hub etc. So I'm thinking of adopting the newest Apple TV - one box with everything on it (Netflix, BBC, ITV etc).

    However, one thing I do like about the Sky HD box that I have is that with all the catch up services you select a show to stream, and rather than you watching the stream as it arrives through your modem, you can leave it to download (either in a cache or onto the HD - I'm no expert), which reduces the threat of a bandwidth based buffering.

    Does anyone know if the Apple TV uses it's onboard storage to do something like this?

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    Feb 24, 2015
    Unfortunately the iPlayer app does not work in this way on the ATV. It's still in its infancy and is a very basic app which doesn't even allow you to use your BBC account to add favorites etc. Hopefully this will improve over time.

    Also, be aware there is currently no ITV Hub, All4 or My5 apps so in the short term unless you desperate to 'cut the cord' I'd stay with Sky until at least all the basic catch up apps are available.

    I have high hopes for the ATV but it seems the UK developers are slow to adopt it at present. If you haven't already, maybe look at a Roku 2 or Now TV box , as this has all the UK catch up services.
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    Thanks for the reply and info on this. I wasn't aware that the other broadcasters were dragging their heels.

    Agreed, the Now TV or Roku 2 box might be a better option, although I was hoping to use Infuse to access my media library that's on a (pretty shiddy) WD Ethernet drive (I refuse to call it a NAS) which uses Twonky, ie not Plex!

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    I have itv hub working on my apple TV 4th generation, thanks to a bundle added in Plex on my Mac, where the plex server is running. No 4OD as yet.
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    It isn't just iPlayer which is barely alpha level on the ATV 4, the Now TV app is truly terrible. It also lacks any ability to add favourites, it has no viewing history, no ability to remember which episode you watched last, and a UI which is breathtakingly ugly and basic. It's literally a black screen with tiny thumbnails on it. I've seen test apps from programmers knocked together in a few hours for testing purposes with prettier and more useful UIs. It's a real 0/10 effort and it's clear Sky will never update it.

    If you want to cut the cable then buy a Roku. It has full fat iPlayer and Now TV apps, as well as Amazon, ITV Hub, All 4, and Demand 5. Plus a ton of other apps ranging from pretty good to real bottom of the barrel dreck. A lot of the latter to be honest, the Roku channel store is big but 99.999999% of it is utter sewage. Still, the must haves are mostly there and are all, without exception, vastly superior to their Apple TV equivalents. (if an equivalent exists, which is usually doesn't)

    The Fire TV is a decent option too and offers 4K, but it lacks a Now TV app and is rather obnoxious in its relentless promotion of Amazon Video content.
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    Not exactly very convenient is it though? It's a workaround as silly as Airplay was. Native apps should be there for all the big services, and that certainly includes Amazon and the main UK broadcasters. Amazon will never show up but the UK broadcasters should if given a financial incentive. Apple have essentially unlimited money now so they need to make this right.

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