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Apr 12, 2001

One of the new iPhone apps that was demoed at the iPhoneLaunchParty last night was bChamp by Monodomo. bChamp is a beat-boxing application that allows you to use your iPhone as a beat-boxing device. It's hard to describe so we'll start with this developer video that shows you the basics:

The pitch of the sounds can also be changed by moving your finger on the screen. Steve Wozniak was at the iPhone Launch Party and tried his hand at bChamp:

bChamp is available in the App Store for $0.99.

App Store Link: bChamp, $0.99

Article Link: bChamp: Beat Boxing App, Steve Wozniak Gives it a Try


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Nov 26, 2008
California, USA
At first I was very skeptical and thought 'what a waste of time' and 'why in the heck is this on the homepage of MacRumors,' but upon watching the first Youtube video, I thought 'that's actually pretty cool ... for someone that knows what they are doing.' I just hope nobody gets in a car accident and gets killed because of this.


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Jun 5, 2009
It does look like an interesting app...

BUT i think Mr. Wozniak is the real news here... Did anyone notice how uncomfortable he looked? "Oh, this is so fun" he said. LIES!!!

While it may be fun, I don't think Mr. Wozniak will be using it too much. LOL


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Oct 12, 2006
Its a pile of c**p for me if someone asking. Strangely enough, however, it will find use amongs folks like in here.
Ps. Yeap...she knows how to move her mouths ;)


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Mar 20, 2009
I was so pumped for this app but it seems you have to be a beat-boxer to get it to work. Random sounds that make no sense. I think the dev could make some cool clicks and assumed that everyone could make them. Looks like an app that the dev made for himself.:mad:
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