BD-Rebuilder Issue (Video skips every 3 mins)

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    Hey guys,

    I tried backing up my Doctor Who Series 5 blu-ray set from BD-50 (original discs) to BD-25. First, I tried DVDFab but it creates a flicker issue in some scenes (quite distracting) and chapters don't work (if I skip a chapter it will just freeze video, while audio continues playing for 50%+ of the chapters).

    So then I tried ripping it 1:1 using DVDFab and then using BD-Rebuilder to do the shrinkage. The good news: chapters all now work properly and as expected, and also the video no longer has a flicker issue.

    I suspect the flicker issue is caused by the fact that the video is 1080i and not 1080p so the compression algorithm in DVDFab is introducing the flicker in as it re-encodes the video while BD-Rebuilder has a better algorithm (or maybe its the Decomb option I checked there which DVDFab does not have).

    A new problem cropped up though. When I watch the episode, every so often the video freezes for a few seconds and then automatically skips forward.

    For example, if I get to the 6:14 marker, it will pause for a second and skip me over to 6:22. If I use my blu-ray player's remote to rewind to 6:15, 6:16, etc. though, it will actually play the skipped over content normally. But if I rewind back to 6:14 or earlier it will skip to 6:22 again.

    This happens about every 3 minutes. I only watched about 10 minutes of the first episode on the disc and it did it at around 3, 6, and 9 minutes.

    Any ideas what is causing this? It does not sound like a freak accident or issue to me because it happens consistently every 3 minutes.

    If I can either get this issue resolved with BD-Rebuilder or the flicker issue resolved with DVDFab I will be a happy camper.

    PLEASEEEE help :confused:
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    For anyone interested in this thread, I got the problem resolved!

    Here's what I did:

    First, I got a BD-RE disc, so that I don't keep burning coasters. This way I figure, if I screw up a disc or if the output looks wrong, I can wipe the disc and try again with different encoding settings. I burned it at the 2x that it was rated for and popped it into my blu-ray player. I used the same BD-Rebuilder output that I used on the disc that looked perfect but skipped every 3 minutes.

    I popped it into my blu-ray player, and I noticed that it no longer did the skipping every 3 minutes, but it did a few seamless skips at various other points. By seamless I mean it looked like bad editing of the TV show rather than a disc fault, and had I not been paying attention I might've not even noticed it skipped!

    So this told me that it is probably not the output but rather the discs.

    I got a new brand of discs at the local Micro Center store and re-burned the same folder AGAIN but this time at 2x rather than the maximum or automatic speed settings.

    I popped that into the Blu-ray player and it worked flawlessly!

    I have now backed up half of the box set (3 of 6 discs) and they have all worked perfectly.

    In summary, the perfect formula for me turned out to be:

    - BD-Rebuilder (with DECOMB setting on) to make the BD-25 output (flicker-free unlike DVDFab's output)
    - ImgBurn set to 2x maximum using Micro Center's "WinData" discs to burn

    No more skipping, no more flickering, PERFECT 1:1 copies!

    I have not tried using my previous brand of discs at 2x (since previously I just used automatic/max settings) for the Doctor Who's yet since I don't have time to rewatch it all now to check for problems and since I have a formula that works I am sticking to it. But I may just try it out later.

    Quick note about WINDATA BD-R discs, they make a lot of coasters!!! They cost only $9.99 for a 10 pack, so at $1 even per disc it sounds like a bargain for BD-25's (since most hover around $1.30-$1.50), but it's really not.

    About 50% of the discs turned out to be coasters, so all the savings introduced by the lower price (and then some) have been squandered by a lot of discs erroring out during burning.

    My previous brand of discs went 4 for 4 (4 attempts, 4 successful burns) where as the WINDATA's are about 3 for 7 (3 discs burned successfully, 4 coasters made). NOT RECOMMENDED. Once I get through the rest of the ones I already bought I am definitely not getting them again.

    After I am done with Doctor Who backups, I will probably use up the previous brand I got (burning at 2x from now on for everything) and then get some quality brand name discs for later.

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