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    I really like the new Android commercials - they celebrate diversity and choice as a good thing, which it surely is.

    Large phone? Medium sized phone? Small phone? Watch-style phone? Large tablet, Extra Large tablet? Medium sized tablet? Small tablet?.

    The message is clear: The consumer has the choice when it comes to the size (and largely price) of the device. You are not locked to what the OS provider decide to be the best common solution for everyone.

    Here are 4 of them:
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    I have the 30 second "All Kind Of Phones For All Kinds Of Folks" ad with the little Android carrying the large device and everyone is laughing and the one-min ad featuring many people on both my Android phones. They are both short which is ok for HD size. The search for L skit is pretty funny too.

    It is a good motto for Android users. We can still be as a team while still being different. Similar to when Microsoft did their "I'm a PC" ad with Bill Gates as response to Apple's ads making the PC Guy look stupid while Mac Guy was the much cooler, Justin Long. LOL...

    OT, but never again will I put cooler and Justin Long in the same sentence in another post similar to Ashton Kutcher and good acting together. Long's only good role was the gay porn star in Zack & Miri. Every other movie, he looks and acts ridiculous in it. Everything from Jeepers Creepers, Waiting..., Drag Me To Hell, etc.

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