Beam to iPhoto from any Camera.

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    Just wanted to know what people think of this suggestion.
    I emailed Tim the idea.

    It would be great if camera manufacturers worked with Apple to use a simple piece of software lisenced and installed on a new camera that could allow photo sharing to iOS iPhoto over the air.

    Apple basically just has to modify the software they use for beaming photos between iOS devices. There is minimal work done on both sides of the party and a huge gain in value for iPhoto and especially digital camera manufacturers who are struggling with sales.

    I think it's a win win:

    • I don't have to use the Camera Connection Kit.
    • Camera manufacturers get a boost in sales because of the software potential of connecting with iPhoto on iOS.
    • Apple gets a slight boost in sales because beginners and amateurs and maybe some pros might be interested in such a seamless feature. And maybe some kickback from licensing the embedded software to these manufacturers that would make up for the lack of Camera Connection Kit sales.
    • Apple has done something similar before by allowing manufacturers to use the iFrame format for their video cameras and seamless integration into iMovie.
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    There is a Secure Digital Card and companion App called Eye-Fi that is supposed to send your photos from your camera directly to your iPad by WiFi. I bought one but could not get it to work and had to return it for a refund.
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    Interesting idea, but I would much rather buy (lots of)GB of iCloud storage and have my photos go straight up there.

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