Bearly Safe iOS/Android Official Trailer

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    Hey Everyone!

    We are excited to announce our newest app: Bearly Safe

    It's an endless runner game, but with a twist. Every environment is occupied by a special predatory 'boss', looking to make your life that much shorter.

    Take a swim with our adorable fish named Flash! Dart up river ducking and dodging hangry bears that are looking for some fast food. Of course, we couldn’t make it that simple. There are various obstacles to make your journey up stream harder. Take advantage of super power-ups and buffs to survive these treacherous waters. Here are only a few of the power-ups & buffs:


    -Tidal Trident- Seize the power of Poseidon and ride a wave
    straight to the bank! This wave will let you soar above like a god, so you can collect your well-deserved coins. Phenomenal cosmic power!

    -Bubble Boost- Collect this. Nothing makes a fish feel safer than cruising in his own bubble with a speed boost. However, one hit to the bubble and it will burst!

    -Whirling Water- Yes, just as it sounds, it's an awesome power up. It will pull every coin towards you for a limited time. Be sure to upgrade this power up to have boatloads of coins!

    Also have wide selection of characters to choose from!

    Stay tuned for our release!

    *Gameplay video coming soon*



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