Beats library STILL has not migrated!

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    I signed up for Apple Music immediately after upgrading on the morning it was released. I had spent an inordinate amount of time over the previous three weeks manually transferring every single artist and song from my Spotify library to Beats in order to take advantage of the migration from Beats to Apple Music. Prior to that, I only had about 10 artists in my library from a month or two that I had spent trying out the service before returning to Spotify. Well, when the migration completed, only the 10 artists transferred. EVERYTHING I spent HOURS transferring manually over the previous three weeks never transferred. It was as if they migrated from an OLD BACKUP instead of current, fresh data.

    I have spent the last SEVENTEEN DAYS since the release of 8.4 and Apple Music going NOWHERE with Apple's support "specialists". I work in IT and it's plain as day that only old data, from an old backup and not current -- as of June 30th -- data, was used in my migration. All someone needs to do is re-migrate my library with my account AS IT STANDS currently, but Apple and Beats support seem clueless and helpless to do anything for me! It has been almost three weeks and the agent I was working with just stopped answering my emails. It's as if they're just telling me "tough luck, go back to spotify", which I would rather not do.

    Has anyone had a similar issue or perhaps any insight as to how I can go about resolving this? I don't understand why it's so difficult to just repeat the migration. If I log into and view the web application, all 1,000+ artists are right there, they just won't show up in Apple Music. I am at my wits end and I can't even imagine going back and copying every artist, song, and playlist by hand all over again, especially with the wonky UI making things more difficult than they need to be.

    Please... someone... help. If someone from Apple is browsing this forum and sees this, just tell me who to call or email because a multitude of calls to Apple/Beats and multiple support staff have been completely incapable of helping and the "escalation team" has yet to even acknowledge my existence, much less give me any information on the status of my library or fixing my issue.

    I'm so disappointed in Apple for pretty much the first time, not that any other company is perfect or has never let me down, but Apple pretty much had a perfect track record until now. It feels like things have seriously changed in Cupertino over the past few years.
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    I could be way wrong and or reading what you wrote wrong. But wouldn't your Spotify library (assuming you meant songs you've made offline in Spotify) be all DRM'd just like any other streaming service? Otherwise anyone could just sign up for one month, download tens of thousands of songs and drop the subscription and keep a ton of songs for just 10-15 dollars.

    If all that is way wrong I apologize. Also I'm sure I've heard of a tool or something offered to move your Spotify stuff to Apple Music. (Playlists and such)

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