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Jul 10, 2018

I wanted to know if anyone else’s Solo 3 firmware has updated to 7.7.2. Last time I checked, the firmware was at 7.0.x and I don’t remember updating them as there was no pop-up notification and I usually check using the Beats Updater app on Windows. Can someone tell me what are the changes.

Thank you!


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Nov 23, 2015
Rocklin, CA
I recently purchased the Beats Studio 3’s and starting I believe with IOS 10 and above, Beats headphones with either the W1 (Solo 3 and Studio 3) or H1 (Solo Pros), are now updated automatically when connected to power and are connected to an iPhone or iPad. It’s the same process in how AirPods are updated...AirPods in their case, connected to power and when opened, they connect to a paired iPhone/iPad and during that process of connecting, any updates are sent to the AirPods.

if you turn off your headphones, plug them in then unlock your phone...and then turn on your headphones, you will see the connected pop up with your headphones...That’s when the firmware is checked and then updated if needed...

Probably explains why you got the update without using the updater app...I actually contacted beats support and they confirmed when used with an iPhone/iPad, this is how their headphones are updated now. They keep the update app around for older non W1/H1 headphones and for people using android...

It’s mentioned briefly here, scroll down to the update section...

As to what was updated, it probably was audio sharing...

Sebastiano Belotti

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Jan 21, 2020
Ragazzi ma questo aggiornamento del firmware funziona correttamente senza bug gravi o altro? Posso aggiornare tranquillamente alla versione 7.7.2 del firmware?
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