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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by postpc, Oct 13, 2014.

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    I own a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Over ear headphones, but they get really uncomfortable to wear after an hour or two (guess I got sensitive ears). I tried on a pair of Beats Studio headphones in the Apple Store, and while they're super soft on the ears I've been less than impressed with the sound quality. I thought people were being overly critical here in the forum, but they are really too bass heavy for my taste. On the Beats website they advertise the Solo2 to have a more balanced sound but not sure if its just marketing. Anybody with first hand experience?
    I mostly listen to classical music and hip hop (weird mix, I know).
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    Keep the Sennheisers or upgrade to Sennheisers over the ear headphones. Beats are garbage and will always be garbage no matter if they have an Apple logo on the box or not. Keep the in ear, earphones for when you're being active, at the gym or wherever where the compromise is more appropriate.

    Beats rates with other "lifestyle" and "brand image" products such as anything that is made since the 1970s onwards from BOSE. They're crap and a marketing gimmick for the fashion conscious and kids. OK if you have a set of original BOSE 901s from the 1970s you can have an exception pass, otherwise it's all just junk.
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    I haven't heard them, but reviews of the Solo 2 are excellent (in sharp contrast to the original Solo).

    For comfort and clarity without a bass heavy sound, I recommend the Bose AE2. I can wear them all day and not get fatigued at all. If you can find a pair, they have been heavily discounted due to being discontinued and replaced by the Soundtrue series. The AE2 is the most balanced of the Bose headphones I have heard and sound excellent with classical. I can't comment on hip hop as it isn't a genre I listen to, but the AE2 may be slightly bass shy for that style of music.

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