iPad Pro Been to the Apple Store...Still Undecided!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by c14nhl, Jun 14, 2017.

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    I visited my local Apple Store this evening on the way home from the office to have a hands-on with both the new iPad Pros.

    My current device is the iPad Pro 9.7" and I'm more than happy with it. The company I work for allows the use of your own devices and although the heavy lifting is done with a company supplied Windows 7 laptop, I use my Pro daily at work for taking notes during meetings throughout the day. The company also supplied apps to view mail, calendar etc in their own container and therefore when in meetings out of the office I can go iPad only, using the Pencil for notes and ASK for quick email replies.

    I will be upgrading to a new Pro over the next month as my partner is now in a situation where my current Pro would be a massive benefit to her (wonderful excuse to upgrade and pass down this device).

    I'm 100% iPad only. It is my main and only computing device in the home. I do the standard web browsing etc but also basic photo editing and movie editing. Nowhere near professional level and therefore my needs are easily met with an iPad. I also view a lot of content on my device via Netflix, NowTV and all of the UK "tv catch up" apps.

    I've not spent a lot of time with the 12.9" before...until today. What a device. It is incredible.

    It wouldn't be an issue transporting the 12.9" to and from work and therefore that isn't an issue. I'm so frustrated with what is stopped me from pushing the button on the 12.9"...the lack of split keyboard!

    As soon as I'm home, my iPhone is on the charger until the morning and my iPad stays either in my hands or on the table next to me. Currently with the 9.7", split keyboard makes it so simple to reply to any messages quickly.

    For those who have had a 12.9" device for a while now, how do you most frequently input text to the device? Is my need quite specific?! I would have assumed the need for a split keyboard would be greater on the larger device so cannot understand why it isn't available on the 12.9".
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    12.9" i think is more productive if you work on it. i bought the new 12.9 as i think with iOS 11 the OverRide and split screen would be more fun with larger screen.

    I bought smart keyboard and the pencil also, never thought about typing on the screen directly. If you mainly type on desktop, logi K780 or K380(i have one, it is good)?

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