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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by matt09, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. matt09 macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2012
    Been waiting a long time for the pro line to offer something new. I am using the iMac G5 right now and I am a second year college student. I would like to purchase a laptop but I am having trouble on deciding what to do. I would like to buy the comp with best performance and one that will last me the longest. Options 15-inch MBP 2.6 GHz with upgraded solid state or the base model rMBP with upgraded ram. I know the price difference should be a no brainer but I really care about the quality of what I'm getting. Also haswell is coming out next yearish should I put it off another year or pull the plug now?
    -don't care much about cd drive
    -don't care much about being able to upgrade internals down the road

    First time posting don't eat me alive
  2. PhoenixMac macrumors 65816

    Mar 7, 2010
    If you wait for an upgrade you'll be waiting forever. Before I bought my first Mac I was waiting for certain features to be upgraded but when I finally bought my first one, I was kind of upset I waited so long. I love a lot of the features of OSX especially the integration with iOS.

    Unless a lot of what you do is processor intensive, there is no reason to wait.

    Just my two cents.
  3. ixodes macrumors 601


    Jan 11, 2012
    Pacific Coast, USA
    Recent trends indicate Apple is continuing to elevate the iDevices to the top of the priority list. Given the major redesign that the MBPr represents, I don't expect anything else out of the computer side for some time.

    Very minor upgrades notwithstanding, it appears that the next refresh of any significance will be at least one year away.
  4. aziatiklover macrumors 68030


    Jul 12, 2011
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    I would go rMBP without thinking, and for sure it will last you even longer than your iMac G5.
  5. matt09 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2012
    Bit the bullet and bought the new rMBP!!!!
    Don't regret it one bit no problems so far!
    Thanks for the advice much appreciated
  6. Highayeq macrumors newbie


    Aug 14, 2012
    Albuquerque NM & Tampa FL

    I just wanted to be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase! :)

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