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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by ssledoux, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I have bought and sold 2 apple watches because I just never really embraced using it. I also didn't really make much effort to learn all it could do as far as fitness, etc.

    I just ordered a refurbished series 1 (the 2016 release - not ready to splurge for a 2 until I see if I'm gonna use it consistently). It has warranty until September, so I feel fine about that.

    As far as use, I just need to know the best place to see tutorials on the different fitness apps and how to get the most use out of all that. I am planning to start exercising regularly (I feel like my 50th year is a good time for that) because my goal for my 50th birthday is to jump from a plane and I want to be in my best shape for that.

    I'd also like to use Apple Pay with it. I didn't really get all that hooked up before, and I don't use it with my phone much, but I think it would be even more convenient with the watch.

    Just point me toward the best place to really "get to know" everything the watch can do.

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    Try the Apple Watch Support page on the Apple website. All the info there.

    Best of luck with the jump - don't forget the parachute ;)

    All the Best

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    YouTube would have the best hands on tutorials for your uses. There are loads of videos with users demonstrating various features and how to utilize them to your advantage. Video's tend to be the better learning tool over reading at times.
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    Thanks! I didn't realize how much detail the Apple site went into, but I think videos will be really helpful.
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    Promise yourself to not touch your phone for a full day. Leave it on the bedside table, or in your bag/purse, or whatever -- but just don't carry it in your hand everywhere you go.

    You'll find out pretty quickly what the AW can do. It's how I decided to keep mine.

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