before activating my new iphone...


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Oct 18, 2007
should i unlock it first?/jailbreak it first?

i would like to be able to use BOTH my current at&t cell phone and my iphone with the same number and/or SIM card.

how does this work?

also, can an unlocked iphone use prepaid european SIM cards?

thanks in advance.



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Jun 7, 2006
if your planning on just using AT+T (and pay for the iPhone contract) just go legit and use itunes for activation, then any AT+T sim should work..

if you want to use any sim card... and activate with at+t pay loads and do activation with iTunes, then use something like iNdependance, AppTapp and Anysim..

or just use iNdependance, AppTapp and Anysim from the word GO!! (this means you just pay for the iPhone... and dont need to start a new contract if you dont want to)

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