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    Feb 10, 2008
    hello everyone...ive been looking over the forums for awhile and as my user name suggest i cant wait to switch.

    i will get to the point and ask a few questions before i buy......

    1. what is up with all the threads about buying now or waiting? if you need it buy it now...if you can wait then wait.

    2. i think the macbook pro will be updated soon and the macbook be wont until septemberish... :apple: will do the promo for back to school ipod macbook combo not wit the pros...which i plan on getting unless the pro will be 13inch.

    3. if macs dont get viruses...why are there softwares? also, if i was to use bootcamp/ it possible to get a viruses on the pc partion of my laptop? and if so, will my laptop be affected and how would i get rid of it?

    4. will "Time Mechine" and "Finder" find everything? i cant hide certain files so others cant find/retrive? is there a way to password protect your files?

    5. (non apple related question but...) i have this media player which i also use as my external hard drive...
    can anyone recommend a 1TB drive for me to install into it possible? is it hard to do?

    thanks for everyone's help and sorry for the long post.
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    Apr 26, 2005
    1. There are ALWAYS a lot of threads about "buying now" versus "buying later". It's just the nature of those who want to buy to determine the best time to buy.

    2. My view is that MacBook Pro will be updated very soon, hopefully this month. The MacBook will likely be updated within the next 3 months.

    3. Yes, your computer can still get infected running Windows via Boot Camp. It's not the hardware that's at risk, it is the operating system and software running on the hardware.

    4. What did you mean by "everything"? If you have multiple user accounts on your Mac their files will be isolated from each other. Without getting in the nitty gritty, non administrator accounts can't see files owned by other users on the system (non administrator and administrator).
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    About #4

    When you start your Mac for the first time you'll setup your Admisnitrator Account by default the user you create will have Administrator privileges.

    You can also create other users with different privileges.

    In the Finder you can select the file and using the Get Info feature you can modifiy the file permissions so you can block other users to access it.

    Via the Terminal:
    Also you can hide it by renaming it by adding a period as the first character in the file name, that way it will be invisible through the Finder.
    If the file is named "secretfile" you rename it to ".secretfile" .

    To do it you must use the UNIX Terminal.
    It is located in this folder: Application/Utilities/Terminal

    Or by using other command: SetFile -a "V" filename
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    Re: Time Machine

    I have three user accounts. Time machine seems to back up all three sets of files at once. However, the backups are only available to the user who 'owns' those files when looking at the TM restore screen. Not sure what would happen if I plugged my external into another Mac running Leopard, as I only have one machine running this version of OS X.

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