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    I was wondering how is customer service with HTC? If anyone here has had experience would please share them. I know it probably wouldn't be on par with Apple, as far as convenience goes. I am really wanting to give the HTC One a try. I've tried Android OS devices in the past such as the S2, S3, Droid Razr Maxx, and the Nexus 7 but I always found myself back on IOS. I have a feeling that this HTC will finally be the "One" to finally pull me away from IOS for a while as I have never been so impressed by any Android based hardware in the past. I have pretty big hands and the had wished for a bigger iPhone for a while but I just don't see it happening for another good year or so. Anyways, my main questions about HTC's warranty is listed below.

    What would be a rough estimate of a turnaround time for repairs?

    Are they as swap happy as Apple? or would they try everything they can to repair a problem before they decide to swap out a new handset? Mainly worried about going without a phone while waiting on the turnaround time which isn't an issue with Apple since they replace my device practically every time I had an issue.

    Is the warranty repairs bounded to the country of purchase or does HTC have a global warranty where I can get it taken care of anywhere in the world? Because I ran into a problem getting my iPhone 5 fixed when I brought it into an Apple store outside the US and they refused to fix it or swap it for that matter since it had dust under the camera lens. I was told I would definitely get a new device because of my issue but only will it be taken care of in the country of original purchase.

    and any other things you have to say about HTC's warranty related customer service. Thanks!
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    Back when my Nexus One failed (twice) they did a week turnaround on both phones.

    Original handset died around 2 days into owning it. Once I sent it back to them they had a new handset sent to me within the 7 day turnaround. I bought my Nexus one from the US and it wasn't even out over here locally (could only order from Google direct) and they still had spares to send out.

    The second time, the power button failed (it was a common problem with the N1 and HTC Desire) and they got the same handset back to me within the week.

    This was a few years ago and it's the only personal accounts I have of HTC doing repairs for me.
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    It's okay.

    Not good, not bad. They're kind of hard to reach over the phone and you have to be sure you call the right number.

    Once you get them on, they're not exactly friendly and are only moderately helpful.

    Again, not bad, not good.

    If you're coming from Apple customer service, expect a downgrade.

    Hope this helps:

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    No company is on Apple's swap level. :D

    One of the things I miss about having an iPhone. Apple CS is top notch. Not always the smartest though.
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    This is true. Besides, HTC and Samsung dont have retail stores you can walk into and swap out a phone. So you are stuck without a phone for at least a week if you need to send it to the manufacturer or if you need to go thru the insurance, you have to pay $150 for a new one. This is just another reason I moved on to the iPhone from Android when my Note 2 broke. Had an issue with my camera on the 5, took it to the Apple store and walked out with a brand new one a few minutes later. Cant do that with any other phone.
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    I had to have my Nexus One replaced and found the customer service to be adequate, I was expecting the worst as I heard about the horror stories about their bad service but things went well enough and the bottom line is I got my N1 replaced in short order
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    Unless you are buying a phone directly from HTC or other retailers for retail price , your phone carrier will always swap your phone for any issues with the Phone .

    I have had various brands overs the past couple of years whenever i have had any trouble AT&T has always swapped my phone . You can get it done instantly if there is a AT&T Mobile device center , if not they generally overnight a replacement phone and you just put your old phone in the same box and send it back. It comes with a return shipping label.

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