Before restoring, does it back up?

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    Well i did an update to 4.1 without updating baseband using tinyumbrella through iTunes 10. I had some valuable notes in my iphone 4 before did the Shift restore on 4.1. However im pretty sure i did some backing up of the phone before this or previously. Where can i find these backups? Can i extract the notes from a backup? Does a backup even include the notes? If not does it sync on to my computer? Basically, can i get my notes back somehow, or anyway for me to check in the situation im in!? thanks:)
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    Yes, it does backup before the restore.
    If you restore from backup you can get the notes and everything else back the way it was before the restore.
    But you cant just get the notes, its all or nothing when restoring from backup. You dont get to pick what you want restored.
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