Before sending the iPhone 6s+ for battery replacement program

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    Hi, Apple Genius was trying to backup my iPhone last time I visited them earlier this year. They could not get it working due to some kind of secure lock that I had no idea what the password is. As I had about 6000 photos, iCloud ran out of space.

    If I don't do the backup and just give it to Apple to exchange the battery, will there be a danger that I will lose all the photos? Is paying a small amount to upgrade iCloud storage, upload all photos to it, get the battery exchanged, download all photos back to the phone and then terminate the increased storage contract. Is this a good approach? As I recall, I still have to pay for the whole month of increased storage service.

    For those who have replaced the battery, do you see increased battery life?
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    I did mine in store and my battery health went from 89% to 100%. I don't notice any significant difference but I'm not a heavy user and usually get 2+ days out of a full charge. It took about 1 hour for them to change and I did not do a reset or anything before they changed my battery, though they warned that data may be lost. I keep my photos on Onedrive so I wasn't too concerned anyway. No data was lost and I'm happy knowing that I may get longer life out of my phone. I definitely think it's worth the ~$34 to do it.
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    Generally speaking, changing a battery has no adverse effect on the data. However, there is always a risk. If your phone is worked on by a newbie Genius, who's to say they won't muck it up. So if you want certainty, then splurge on iCloud or just back it up with iTunes to a computer for free.
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    As I recall, two Genius tried to back it up with iTunes to my mbp but failed. They said something about encryption but I have idea which pass pro use.
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    There is nothing in the replacement that impacts the storage in any way unless you screw it up.

    Keyword: unless you screw it up. Apple does not do board repair, if they screw up, they will just put in another board in your phone and not tell you about it. This is all fine and good if you backed up, but if you didnt, anything on that board is toast.

    Trust me, been there, done that, got the tshirt. It was not fun for me as my employer required that the phones or boards are destroyed after use. When i went in to have the screen replaced out of my own pocket not to get in trouble, they replaced my board too, that got me in trouble.

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