Beg a Mac


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May 7, 2006
The Tavern, Thornwood
Everytime when my Mac (OS 8.6 still) starts to act weird, for example takes a long time to load a webpage (and the HD is making noise like heck) or it freezes, or shows me the spinning wheel of death, I try to persuade it to go on, go on!!, get it done and please please continue... If it doesn't listen, I feel very disappointed, betrayed even, and use "apple + alt + esc" or stick a paperclip in it's side... and get going again.

When I'm at work, or over at my parents place, even the tiniest hickup those peecees show, gets my blood all boiling and I want to smash the puter (or rather the display, as that's really the face of the puter)... (remember that vid from yesteryear from that guy in his cubicle, smashing his peecee??)

Why is this? Oooh, I just love my Mac :)