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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by sidefx, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Jan 18, 2010
    Last night I just got my wife a Nikon d3000. It was on sale at best buy and figured why not.

    She takes pretty good photos with our point and shoot mostly closeups of flowers. Two weeks ago she took her cousin out for a senor photo shot and I must say they looked pretty good. So I figured with a basic slr she should get to that next level.

    I would like to know if aperture is worth it. We would like to keep our personal library and have a separate one for some of these photoshoots. It seems like aperture can do this for us.

    Also we have a MBpro and HDD space is small. Most people seem to use RAW files. I tried a RAW file import in iPhoto last night and it saves a RAW and JPEG. In aperture can you save only the RAW and just burn JPEG's to discs when handing them off?
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    Mar 3, 2010
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    I also have a D3000 and just switched over from iPhoto to Aperture. The price at the App Store made the decision easier. Tried the trial of PhotoShop, but that didn't seem as intuitive as Aperture and the editing in Aperture is more robust than iPhoto.

    I don't have your HDD constraints and I haven't yet tried shooting RAW, but as long as you're not keeping multiple versions of each picture after various edits, it shouldn't be too bad in terms of storage. You should also adjust the settings to not import automatically into iPhoto.

    Aperture does allow you to keep multiple libraries and projects. I have much more to learn to take full advantage of both the camera and Aperture, but hope this helps.
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    Jun 13, 2009
    If your wife is going to use a dSLR she should really shoot RAW to maximise the editing possibilities on the computer. Because of all the information they capture, RAW files are necessarily large so you may want to ..

    -upgrade your hard disk / get it done for you. Easy with most Macs, usually doesn't invalidate any warranty you might have left & disk is cheap.

    -get an external HDD and store your library as 'referenced.' This means the big RAW files can stay on another disk (your new external) while you only carry around the small JPEG previews that Aperture will automatically create. Most pro photographers have a huge number of images so they all use referenced with external disks of one sort or another.

    I moved to Aperture a couple of years ago & I've found it to be intuitive, simple and powerful - it's a great tool & the app store price is a steal.

    Finally, if there's an Apple store near you, they do one-to-one sessions (if you've bought a mac recently), as well as simple talks, & 'pro lab workshops' which are still for starters but are 4x 2 hour sessions with a trainer & 6 people. There's also the video tutorials on the Apple web site, of course.

    So plenty of Apple help out there if needed.

    Nikon (ok I'm biased) + RAW + Aperture are a great choice - your wife will be very happy!
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    Nov 9, 2009
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    I like adobe's lightroom more, I'd recommend downloading trials of both. Aperture has better sharing & social networking built in, but lightroom has plugins and addons for those.
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    You are right, but are those plugins free and how are you competing with Apertures price currently and licensing ?

    Now to the OP: get an external drive or buy an internal drive and upgrade your MBP. RAW is always better for editing, for sure.

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