Beginning with Objective C programming?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by Fugue, May 17, 2012.

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    Hey guys.

    I won't bore you with the details, but I decided that I wanted to create some iOS applications. That was a week ago. Since then, I have scoured the web for tutorials, books, and other materials to begin to development.

    The first thing I learned was that Objective C is the language I will be learning. After another hour of searching I came to the conclusion that the best book would be the Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Objective C Programming. I gave it a try and so far I am about 1/3 of the way through and very much lost. It's not that the book is boring, it's that it doesn't go into detail explaining what each statement means (it tells us what %i or %e mean only after we have been using them for dozens or so pages).

    My frustrations are probably due to having almost no programming background except for a little Javascript and HTML that I learned back in an Introductory CS class. Which prompts the question.

    Should I start with a simpler language before delving into Obj C? Or should I try another book and take it step by step?

    Any feedback on how you learned Objective C would be appreciated. Books, websites, tutorials - anything would be helpful.
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    1. Download Xcode, and sign up for a free developer account to get access to the apple developer videos.

    Watch a few of them.
    Download the objective-c language book
    Hit itunes-U and look for the Stanford Objective-C course material by Paul Hegarty
    (All of the above is 100% free)

    Buy a book, there's bunch of them out there, i found "Learning Objective-C on the Mac" by Apress to be decent.

    Objc is quite different to javascript and will seem quite wierd until it "clicks".
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    You should spend at least 1-3 weeks learning some C before you tackle Objective-C, I think. C code can be mixed in wherever you'd like in Obj-C.

    Here's a free set of lessons on C online. I suggest finishing everything up to "Exercise 14: Writing and Using Functions" at a minimum. Learning the rest will be helpful, but isn't necessary for moving onto Obj-C / writing apps for iOS.

    Edit: Ha... I was tired when I answered last night and forgot to give you the link:
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    When I got lost learning Objective C I stepped back to C. When I got C I then stepped back in to Objective C.

    When you learn C don't just read the book and move on. Write some C programs (This was the advice I got here couple years ago).

    I found the hardest thing to do was not learn the language, but how do I use it? When you finish a C book say to yourself "Now I am going to make a Hangman Game, blackjack or other program". How would I start that? What it the first step?

    When you grasp and use the code, problem solving becomes much easier and you can answer those questions.
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    Like you I am also learning to program and write apps for iOS.

    I started off trying to learn Obecj-C - but got lost very quickly. As Larswik has suggested, I went and read a book called, "Learn C on Mac - 4th edition"
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    I appreciate the advice, thanks all.

    I plan to take a look at all of the above books, the Stanford videos, and Apple's own C tutorials.

    Just wondering, is it harder to make a good looking application (something like a stock or rss app) or a simple yet beautiful game? Which requires more work overall?
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    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Making a game would be far, far harder than a simple app.

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