Beige G3 (Now G4) & Flashed Radeon 7000

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jpants94, Feb 25, 2017.

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    Hi All,

    I bought a Beige G3 at the start of last week as something of a toy, to upgrade with period parts and so on. Thus far, it's got a G4 400mhz pulled from a Yikes, 192mb of RAM, and I'm now trying to use my flashed Radeon 7000 in it. The one I have has the 128k ROM, so I flashed it and it comes up in system profiler on 10.2.8 with the correct ID (5159). Yet, I can't get it to output anything at all, and the ATI panel only shows the built in Rage II, which I'm trying to replace with the 7000. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this, and how I could work around it?


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    Kind of a silly question but do you know that the Radeon 7000 you flashed worked in the first place? I assume you're using Graphiccelerator so have you dumped the ROM that was on there (the PC rom) and did you try booting your Mac up with just the R7000?

    Did you check if your card has a 128KB ROM chip? You could've 'over flashed' your card if you have a 64KB ROM chip and you'd need to flash the 64KB one (there's a reduced ROM one Macelite)

    Good luck,
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    I used it in my PC to check first, so I know that it was working. I then flashed it on my PC with atiflash, and using atiflash I saw that the rom size reported was 0x20000 (128k). I have a working backup for it, just in case this procedure bricks it. My mac has a built in (on the board) Rage II, which is what I'm assuming is causing the problem - I wouldn't know how to boot with only the R7000 in this case - the last time I did this was with a G4 Yikes about 10 years ago, and it was much simpler then.

    I hope this helps,

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    To disable the onboard graphics for the next boot, enter in Open Firmware:

    setenv pci-probe-list fffbffff

    To disable permanently (until PRAM reset), go into Open Firmware and:

    nvedit [Enter]

    setenv pci-probe-list fffbffff [before typing in this line use the arrow keys/backspace to delete the “hex” text that appears after entering the previous command] [Enter]

    [press Ctrl + C keys together, the normal Open Firmware command line should reappear]

    nvstore [Enter]

    setenv use-nvramrc? true [Enter]

    reset-all [Enter]

    This helps with running OS X (especially Leopard) as the built-in graphics can cause problems/freezes etc, but if nothing at all is output after this there might be an incompatibility between your flashed card and the Mac.
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    Thanks for this! I tried it to no avail. I'll try Graphiccelerator with a reduced ROM and see what happens.

    If anyone has any other ideas about what it is, let me know - I'm willing to try anything.


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    some good info to have off hand is what Rev Beige G3? going by the fact it has Rage 2 Graphics ill assume Rev A which is the most buggy have you done any ROM swaps on it?. first thing id Check is in OS9 open xpostfacto and go to options is the Radeon 7000 listed as an available output device there? you may have to set it as such using xpostfacto to get an output out of it. also whats the port layout of your card did you test every port on the ccard? your card may simply be incompatible with the Mac ROM (and which ROMs did you try?) and finally do you have a New world Mac you can test the Card in? something like a G4 or G5? just to verify that the card it self works.

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