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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by someone28624, Sep 27, 2016.

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    My only hesitation with moving to the iPhone 7 was wondering how I would listen to music and charge my phone in the car on long road trips. I don't have Bluetooth in my car and have no intention of getting a new car soon. My faithful aux cable has served me until this point.

    Enter the Belkin Car Connect. I bought this and figured I'd try it with my 5s for awhile and see if I missed the audio jack. It worked beautifully. Between Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and in the car, I didn't miss the audio jack for a whole month. So today I bit and bought the iPhone 7 Plus.

    Sadly, my Belkin is not the glorious solution it was with my 5s. It does not have enough power to charge my 7 Plus. If I'm not plugged in, the Bluetooth works fabulously. Once I plug in, the Bluetooth disconnects and reconnects continuously and the charging stutters constantly turning my phone screen into a disco ball of battery symbols.

    I fear there may be no solution here, but throwing it out to see if anyone has any ideas. I'm thinking I might have to get a battery pack to leave in the car and charge that off the car charger, but I'm worried about how temperature extremes in the car will effect that and that that may not draw enough power either.
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    Been using this for a little over a week. Works flawlessly so far. I have a regular 7, so I am not sure if it will solve your + charging woes, but the connectivity and playback has been great.

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