Belkin N1 Vision


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May 16, 2006
Central Florida!
This is a amazing N router, hooks up in about 2 minutes and the range WOW!
If anyone wants to know it is a better range the My sons N airport, its now up for sale!
Interactive Status Display shows your network's broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage,the status of connected network devices, and more.
Plug-and-Play CD-less setup
Easy Security Setup with support for Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ and Multiple SSID
802.11n draft 2.0 compatible - 3x3 radio design provides excellent speeds and complete wireless coverage
4 Gigabit Ports



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Dec 20, 2008
England UK
Sorry to rake up an old thread - but I have just bought this router - Its really awesome - connects all our macs and pcs just great and much faster too!!

But the problem I have is my Dell Axim x51v wont connect to it??? It used to connect to our old router that this new n1 vision has replaced but it just wont connect and I have no idea why??

it sees the wireless signal, I enter the key and it trys and just does nothing - it doesn't connect and it try to find the next available network to try aarrrgghhh.

I thinks it too old - ie the security level of the n1 is too new for my old dell to cope???

I have tried all the settings but nothing works - can anybody help me at all please???????