Belkin TuneCast Auto with ClearScan (iPhone FM Transmitter)

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    Belkin TuneCast Auto with ClearScan

    Price: $79.95 - $89.99

    Use your iPod or iPhone to listen to your favorite tunes through your car's FM radio with Belkin's TuneCast Auto.

    Purchase from: Best buy or Apple store


    Some reviews from (EVERY one of them is BAD):

    "The compact size was great, but it's performance was miserable. It suffered from "rabbit ear tv" syndrome. The static only subsided when I held it in my hand in the direct center of my car - not very convenient. I returned it the next day and am still waiting for a decent charger/fm transmitter to be available. "

    "I was given this as a gift, after I bought an iPhone a couple days ago. I tried this in several of my friend's cars and it didn't work in ANY (Honda, Toyota, etc.) Had it worked in anyone's car, I would have given it away. This piece of junk is headed back to the Apple store where I hope to receive in-store credit or something. Come'on Apple, don't you perform some basic testing before you sell this junk!!!!"

    "Wow. Quality static on every station. It even plays some of your music, the radio station, or both in the background. Nowadays, its hard to find a static maker that also chargers your iphone. Would recommend to all my enemies."

    "From the moment I tried to get this product to work I had my doubts! I was RIGHT! Static on all (ClearScan)picks!
    Static on manual station setup! Did not matter if my Iphone was in "Airplane mode" or not. DO NOT BUY!!"

    "I would say if you like to barely hear your music and listen to static then buy this product. The clear scan feature doesn't work and when you do find a station, it only comes in clear for about a minute and then returns to static."

    "Bought one of these for my iPod. It was just lousy on all fronts. Poor sound quality, anemic signal strength. Touchy buttons. I might as well have set fire to a $50 bill."

    "I just bought this today and I'm finding it impossible to get a clear signal. Not a fan so far. I've gone through almost every frequency on my radio and none of them come through."

    "I read the reviews of this product and thought it can't be that bad. So I bought it anyway and they were right. I sent it back after a brief trial. Don't waste your time or money on this product."

    "If I would have known about the terrible reviews trust me I would not have gotten it. The reception is horrible. All you here while your songs are playing is stastic."

    "Total waste of money. The unit is not grounded. It does not possess extreme frequencies that would allow a clear transmission without FM interference, i.e. 87.7,87.8,87.9 and 88.0. Lots of static and interference.
    Expensive and useless."


    First, my girlfriend and I have 2 vehicles. I've got a f150 with a 6 disc cd player, and my girlfriend has a taurus with only a tape player and fm radio (no auxilary inputs). I bought this thing tonight, because I typically drive the car since I have the longest drive... and I wanted to listen to my iphone through the radio somehow.

    I thought this would be better than using the tape adapter, but apparently I was mistaken. After buying it at about 9:45pm, I went home and hooked it up. At first, it worked ok when I was sitting still. I turned on the radio, pressed the button on the transmitter for it to select the "best radio station", and then tuned to that station on the radio.

    I could hear the music ok, but even sitting still there was some static. Why did I buy this thing?!!!!

    I tried it out during my drive to work, which is about 1 hour. During that 1 hour drive I had to change the station it was tuned to about 20 times and no matter what station it was on, they were ALL filled with static.

    The thing that gets me, is that without the transmitter on, the station has absolutely no static...WTF!?? If you wiggle the wire, or move it around, you'll find that SOMETIMES it gets a little more clear... but who wants to do that when they're driving?

    In conclusion, i'll be returning it tomorrow... and will continue my search for a good FM transmitter... or maybe i'll break down and get the tape adapter. The ONLY thing this is good for, is charging the iphone.... which makes it the most expensive car charger on earth.

    :mad: This thing is JUNK!!!! :mad:
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    I read a few more reviews online about this item, and everyone seems to have the same opinion.

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