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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ZballZ, Jun 28, 2009.

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    Anyone know of a good site to find benchmarks of older and the new MBP in a comparable way?

    I have a 2.33 C2D MBP 15" with 2 GB RAM now, and will soon switch to the new 13" 2.53 Ghz 4 GB RAM.

    The only worry I have is about the dedicated Graphics Card, and would like to see some performance charts of the two models, so I can compare my loses and gains...

    ...AND, is it a fact that Snow Leopard will take more advantage of the Graphics Card? In that case my current MBP might see a performance boost when SnowLeopard is out...
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    Couldnt answer the majority of your question but i know the 9400m is supported by snow leopard. Plus by switching to the 2.53 you get more portability, more memory (8 gig space!), 7 hour battery and it looks 1000 times better than the older model MBP's.
    Do it man, the 9400 is still a killer card, i can play Wow on full settings and see 50+ FPS in most areas.
    You wont be disappointed.
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    You'll be getting about 1/3 the graphics power by moving to the 9400m... unless you're playing games, the don't worry about it. Both the 9400m and 8600m will be utilized in snow leopard but really how much of a difference is yet to be seen but it is safe to say the 9400m will do it's job.

    If you want the small footprint of the 13" then you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for an upgrade, then this is probably a bad idea.

    Geekbench tells you nothing about the video card.

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