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    Is there a site, or a test that has been done to compare the pre-WWDC macbooks to the post-WWDC macbooks? Including a comparison of the 13" Macbook Unibody to the new 13" Macbook pro?

    I've looked but all I can find it older stuff from 2008. :(
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    Nearest thing i've seen for the 13 inch mid 2009 is
    Doesn't show previous 13 inch against it, but you can see how it ranks against the 15 and 17 inch mid 2009.
    [​IMG],2000065761,339296879,00.htm is good. is also good for stats.


    Google search :
    macbook pro 2009
    then add review or benchmarks

    "Comparing the new 13-inch MacBook Pros to the last unibody 13-inch MacBook, we see that the new 2.26GHz MacBook Pro is about 12 percent faster overall than the 2GHz unibody MacBook. "

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