Benefits of MobileMe w/iPhone & iPad?

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    Hello! Long time lurker and first time poster. OK, I'm a long time (2 years) user of the iPhone. I've got three on my account (me, wife and daughter) and I continue to be impressed with the device, but more so with the level of integration built into the OS. This is the first pocket device I've found that has fulfilled the promise of being a truly useful business tool.

    When I first got the phones I tried MobileMe, but gave it a 'meh'; as a Windows desktop/laptop user I didn't find it offered any real-world functionality that couldn't be gained free from services like Google. However, I'm giving the iPad a seroius look. I was about to pull the trigger on a Kindle for portable document management but thought I'd wait to see what Apple was offering up. Based on the specs I'm impressed (not bowled over, just impressed) and will probably be picking up an iPad soon after release as a trial platform for some business applications.

    My question now is, with the iPad can I expect any improved functionality from MobileMe regards to interfacing/interacting with iPhone capabilities. Will the Apple-to-Apple linkup via the MobileMe 'cloud' provide any significant benefit over what I'm currently getting from Google.

    In particular I'm interested in the real-time 'push' of geotagged digital photos directly to iPad apps running in the office on a lightweight GIS application. Is this something MobileMe will streamilne for me or should I be looking at another application?

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