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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's newest store in Berlin, Germany is set to open on Thursday, December 2, Apple announced today. Apple Rosenthaler Straße is the first Apple Store in the Mitte borough of Berlin, and it joins Apple Kurfürstendamm in the city.

"We're excited to open our second store in Berlin, right in the heart of Mitte," said Deirdre O'Brien, Apple's senior vice president of Retail + People. "Blending Apple's exceptional technology and tools with the creative passion we share with this community gives us the opportunity to create something really special for our customers in Germany."
Located near the Hackesche Höfe, Apple Rosenthaler Straße is located in a historic part of the city that's surrounded by design firms and art studios. The store features the same general Apple Store design that Apple has deployed worldwide with dedicated tables that highlight product options, a Forum and video wall, and a dedicated area for product pickups. There are seven-meter high floor-to-ceiling windows and towering trees inside to complete the look.

To celebrate the store's opening, Apple plans to host Berlin artists from illustrator collective Parallel Universe. Each artist will draw their take on Mitte's creative spirit using an iPad Pro, and customers can also start signing up for Today at Apple classes.

Next year, the Berlin store will offer Today at Apple Creative Studios, an initiative that provides career-building mentorship, industry skills training, tools, and creative resources to underrepresented communities.

Apple Rosenthaler Straße is set to open on Thursday, December 2, at 10 a.m. CET in Berlin. Customers will be able to book appointments for an introduction to the store and shopping, with limited capacity and social distancing measures in place. Starting on December 3, the location will offer walk-ins, pickups, and Genius Bar support.

Article Link: Berlin's Second Apple Store Opening on Thursday


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Sep 14, 2012
It’s finally time to get bad repair experiences again.

Mac Fly (film)

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Feb 12, 2006
Smaller Apple stores that won't fit Apple Car inside comfortably (to store show car at nighttime) have smaller human sized doors.
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Jul 8, 2011
I walked past it today and it looked great. There was a pretty big queue outside and it was busy inside. It's nice to finally have a store over this side of the city.


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Jan 22, 2021
Why the pipe motif?

I'm sure my lack of cultural knowledge is glaring...
The difference between the blue and pink pipes is that they are owned by different companies.
To describe the problem of groundwater, two examples: During the construction of Berlin's huge main railway station with four platforms below the surface, a huge lake was created after excavation, which was pumped out after sealing the walls and the ground.
During the construction of a new underground line in Berlin, the ground around the tunnel had to be frozen during the entire construction period, and only after the tunnel had been sealed could the ground be thawed again.
There is a saying that construction activity in Berlin will only end on the Day of Judgement. That's why these pipes will continue to dominate the cityscape for a long time.
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Jan 25, 2011
Why the pipe motif?
They are a sight in Berlin. Have a look here for their real purpose

They serve as a cheap drainage of groundwater | An art installation, a symbolic marking of the former Berlin Wall, or a product pipeline winding through the city? These are the questions that visitors to the German capital often ask themselves when looking at the ubiquitous pink and blue pipes. Tourists like to take pictures of the pipeline, which winds through the streets in every possible way, and it also got on postcards. However, the task of the pipes is not to give the city a new industrial face, it is to drain groundwater from buildings cheaply. [...]
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