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    Apr 19, 2004
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    I've been using BerryBlab for a few weeks, it just came out of Beta.. is MacRumors a vBulletin Forum, and if so, any chance of you guys getting the plug-in to make it compatible?
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    Yes, MacRumors is a vBulletin forum (see "Powered by" at the bottom of this page). No, there hasn't been any plan to implement server-side features for mobile apps.

    Forum members can already use the mobile edition of MacRumors ( and or use the "iPhone Friendly" forum style (see the drop-down at the bottom left of this page). Mobile apps designed specifically for forums or for vBulletin forums may have some nice features, and perhaps our site owner will decide one is worth installing at some point, but the options I mentioned are already available and are free.

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