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    Hey Ya'll, My father is currently in the market for a 17" LCD with the following requirements:

    • DVI Input
    • 1024 x 1280 res minimum
    • Accurate color reproduction
    • Very bright (250 cd/m^2 minimum)
    • Refresh rate < 24 ms (16 ms preferred, 8 ms not necessary, but would be nice)
    • Suitable for Photoshop work

    To give you an idea of what it's for, it's to replace an aging Sony CRT, for use with photoshop and outdoor photography. Sharpness is critical because he needs to be able to tell if the pictures are in focus (such as seeing a reflection in the eye of a bird), as is color accuracy. He often participates in photo contests and also creates prints for people, so a monitor that accurately represents his work, from camera to print is essential.

    Some models considered are:

    I've seen all of these monitors in stores, and of them all, the Sony just seems like the brightest/sharpest/clearest of them all. It puts the Samsung and ViewSonic to shame, just by looking at it, but I'm not giving up on them because I don't know how good their color accuracy is.

    The NEC has a coating like the Sony XBRITE, and is also bright and sharp. Asides from the chance of having a problem with glare, I think they would be the best choice.

    What are your experiences with these displays, and are there any others you would recommend?
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    Hi, if at all chances that you can use a PB or iBook heres what I'd do...
    Select a picture (nice one with good colors, nice shapes say like a flower) and try out each one that you list, again if you are able to. Now you have control for the most part of adjusting each screen to your photo and see which looks best to you. If the store wants to make the sale (most do) they will line them up for you to test.
    If this is not poss. then I would lean at the Sony myself, hope this helps you out.
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    Feb 12, 2005
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    Dec 14, 2004
    If you want totally perfect color calibration, current LCDs just won't do. They're getting better, but there's a reason my father, who does digital photo manipulation, still has a 21" Sony CRT taking up his entire desk. CRTs are also incredibly cheap these days, even for incredibly good ones.
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    Jul 24, 2002
    I have a sony HS74P and it is pretty good. Don't know how good it'd be for photoshop, but it looks much nicer than a lot of displays I've seen. One thing is very reflective, so if there is a bright source of light behind the user, it can be distracting. I blame the X-black coating, but it does help improve the appearance of blacks so I guess it's a compromise.

    Another thing...I also got my Sony because it looks good when hooked up to my mac mini.

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