Best 3rd party video decoder for 4S??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by acarney, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I'm going crazy with all these stupid 3rd party video decoders for iPhone saying they'll handle 720p decoding and then not working, and not even CLOSE. I get like 10 to 15 fps (even on my 4S) on a couple different 720p files and even lower res files from PlugPlayer, MLPlayer, OPlayer, VLC, yxplayer2, and GoodPlayer. I think I've spent about $12 on these stupid things and none really work even half well. The latest purchase was GoodPlayer which said it supported dual core decoding in the 4S and honestly it isn't nearly any better then the other apps I got over a year ago and are never updated.

    Is there ANY decent player out there that will download or stream from a UPNP media server and play files that are NOT encoded for iPhone at decent quality? I don't even care if it drops the quality down a little and skips the filters and crap, 720p will always look pretty great on a small screen and I just want to be able to watch my stuff between my MBA and iPhone 4S hosted on my networked hard drive without having to encode a bunch of times.

    Anyway have any decent ones? Is the processing power of the 4S STILL not to the point where it can decode this stuff? Can the iPad 2 handle it? All these apps also mention it working perfectly on iPad 2, is that far fetched?
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