Best 6 webapps for iPad

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    Apr 19, 2012
    Maybe one of which is going to be the next big thing.



    Google is always the leader in html5, at least sounds like.
    It's fist product Gmail supports every html5 browsers on every systems.
    You can check your mail everywhere by visiting
    There is no need for you to download this mail app from anystore, cuz it is cross-plant.



    This is a brand new App by a brand new team.
    Everything is ok except it's weird name.
    After looking up in the dictionary, we found that annals means history. So is all about your history.
    This App is aim to let all users to create an App about themselves WITHOUT coidng! And you can put yourself on your Pad( WOW !).
    They intend to break that only coders can build an App.


    3 everytimezone


    This is a small tool that allows you to check your timezone by it's graphic interfaces.
    People using will "never swap your brain with timezone math again."
    Cool one.
    They have been twitted on Twitter for 760 thousands+ , how they did it?




    Do you ever imaging textify some photo by certain words? has made it true!
    With the lastest HTML5 canvas tag, they build such an amazing app for Pad!
    Write down the name of your honey, and them textify his/her photos by the name. Easy and romantic.




    The web app is our most complete app to date and we regularly add new features and sections to it. These are available instantly, without the need to download a new version. Recent additions include 'clippings' for iPad, allowing you to save articles for later reading, and enhanced graphics.

    6 bracketslash


    This web app is fully constructed under HTML5 techs and supports iPad perfectly.
    Get tired of downloading apps from appstore? Choose HTML5 is a best way for you.
    You can read variable info in this app, and its UI is soooo much impressive.


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