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Mar 15, 2003
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If you run a website to supplement your income, Adsense seems to be the flavour of the moment and for bewteen 1cent and $20 a click, with a 2 to 5% hit rate, you can make from between nothing to millions depending on how popular your site is. All well and good but I was reading this Motley fool article and see that adsense is open to third party fraud, which is actually quite good for google in the short term, but bad for advertisers. Also later on, for Google it will become bad as the fraud dilutes the impact of their service. (This article is by Seth Jayson who wrote enough anti Apple drivel to convince me to sell my AAPL shares like $80 lower ago! so I dont really think he has much of a handle on the IT world, but he keeps getting published...)

Another tactic that caught my attention was the ad system on which has I believe just 9 ads on the whole site per month and there is a small consortium of bloggers using those same ads. I was reading the advertiser spiel and they get an insane number of hits per month between those sites. So if that is converted into sales, that sounds like a golden system that doesnt degrade the look of a site.

The subscription deal seems about the most lucrative and cleanest to operate, but possibly the hardest to get going. It requires a consistent standard of content, but it seems better business to struggle for one "click through" to your own paypal subscription sign up page for $10 than hope for 2% of 10000 visitors to click a generic ad paying 2 cents per click?

Anyone come across any other angles out there that might be worth a look?