Best analog to digital converter?


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Aug 7, 2018
A few years ago, back when I was still using Windows, I made an attempt to digitize my old VHS and Hi8 tapes. I bought a Honsetech Vidbox, problem was the quality wasn’t that great, and since it wasn’t Mac compatible at the time, I just gave up after a few tapes. Now I’m looking at digitizing tapes again, and looking for high quality options. Definitely looking for something that will preserve the quality of my tapes without adding awful digital artifacts, as well as flexibility in quality of the capture. I had my eyes on the Intensity Shuttle by blackmagic design. Looks like a high quality option, mostly because it can capture video uncompressed, thus making it future proof for converting into formats such as HEVC and ProRes. However, it’s rather pricey, at $300 Canadian. Plus, it’s been a few years since it was released, and it’s lacking features for its high asking price including the latest versions of Thunderbolt and USB as well as its inability to capture 1080p60 over hdmi. Looking at cheap capture devices, they are lacking. Most of them seem to have low quality capture. For example, the Elgato only offers up to 2mbps of encoding (brutal!), and I see Vidbox now supports the Mac, but because of being unimpressed by their Windows capture boxes and the fact they wouldn’t offer me a free software update for MacOS, I’ve decided not to use them again. What are the best options for analog to digital video capture in 2020 that records in high quality and at 60fps without breaking the bank?


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Feb 10, 2008
You are not looking at improving the video, just capturing as much as you can? VHS and Hi8 video will look terrible by comparison to DV or today’s HD video on larger screens regardless, even when captured at 1080p. Since there is fewer lines of video, so you end up with twice as much garbage :) If the VHS or Hi8 was recorded at 1080p it would be a different story.

Pro shops tweak their video deck to provide optimum results (this is where the best bang for your buck is), capture in the original resolution resolution/frame rate using something like the black magic device, and then use software to enhance the original format To make it look more presentable.
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