Best app for beginner runners?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by ra4oasis, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Jul 10, 2010
    I used to use an app on my iPhone, I think it was called Ease into 5K, or something like that, that would tell me to run for 2 mins, rest for 30 seconds, run for 3 mins, rest for 45, that sort of thing. And it would gradually work you up to running a 5K. Anything for beginners like that for Apple Watch?
  2. klymr, Jun 21, 2017
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    A quick search in the iTunes store and I came up with this app here (pro version here). In fact, it seems that searching "running" in iTunes pulls up plenty of apps similar to what you describe.

    I'm not a runner myself, but I've often thought about starting. Maybe this will also help me get going.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    NIKE run club, and it's free. You can have a coach coachs you on many things: just running. 5K. mini marathon, half marathon etc.
    Most major running app has coaching, I presume. I know Strava has one too.
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    Nike run Club. You have options for starters and advanced runners. Combine it with Nike training club and your set to become a fit person. You do not need more than those two (free and well built) apps and some willpower to overcome obstacles in the first weeks.
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    I echo this statement, but be advised that I f you want the coach audio you must take your iPhone with you and start the run from it as well.
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    Sep 21, 2010
    There are a lot of knockoffs, but I think the original is "Couch to 5K" or "C25K" for short. There is a forum/subreddit/community of C25K'ers on Reddit. See for more details.

    The idea is that it is a program specifically designed to get even a couch potato with no exercise to be able to run a 5K in 9 weeks time. It has intervals just like you describe.

    I believe that these are the guys who started it:

    I think this is their official app, and it has Watch functionality.

    I plan to buy running shoes this weekend and give it a try.

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