iPhone Best app for using a virtual phone number?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by DarkHeraldMage, Nov 10, 2015.

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    Can anyone make some recommendations on the best apps for iPhone to maintain a virtual phone number? To preface this, I already use Google Voice and Convoi apps but I'm now in need of a 3rd number. I maintain separate numbers for bigger clients and use these apps to really distinguish them; it lets me customize my voicemail to them and also lets me know specifically who is calling and how they got my number at any given time.

    If any of these apps allowed me more than one number at a time, that'd be ideal, but sadly neither Google Voice nor Convoi do this to my knowledge. I need the ability to call and text, and preferably the app would present the name of the person contacting me in the lock screen notification during an incoming call or message (Convoi doesn't do this, it only displays the phone number until you open the app itself and it references your contacts).

    Any recommendations or personal experiences you can share are much appreciated. Thanks!
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    I haven't looked into it much in particular but I think I recall Line2 coming up as one such option.

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