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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by tombiscuit, Jul 23, 2015.

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    If I may recommend, grab a book on Wordpress Templates ( the codex is fantastic, but might not be step-by-step enough for you ). You can create anything you can imagine in a couple of hours. Plus you'll look better, make more money and help the homeless.

    Or you could try the WordPress theme PageLines. I've read good things about it, but never used it.
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    "Best" is kinda subjective. Rapidweaver has a lot of fans because of ease of use, but there's also Sandvox, Flux, Muse, and perhaps some others I'm forgetting. Or maybe Sketch, although it sounds like your stuff isn't very graphics intensive. Maybe demo some of them and see what's easiest to learn.
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    I already had a CC subscription, so moving to Muse didn't involve any expenditure for me. And I was already used to working with InDesign, and Muse is very InDesign-like in its use of page templates that I create.

    I find Muse far advanced over iWeb. I tried Rapidweaver but found it too restrictive.

    I wouldn't pay a CC subscription just to get Muse, though.
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    Posted this in another thread but how about Blocs or Pinegrow. Both of which are very powerful. Blocs has a very lovely interface and is all about drag-n-drop – you can build a simple yet professional-looking website no time.

    Pinegrow on the other hand can seem very daunting to a new user and is more techy based. When you get over the interface, it's actually pretty simple to use. Pinegrow can also open/edit existing HTML/CSS templates and even live websites. If you see a HTML theme you like somewhere, just open/edit in Pinegrow.

    Both have free trials and are not too expensive for full versions. $69/$49 respectively.

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