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    Im after an app that I can just launch and will instantly show me whats on my desktop (Win 8) on the other room, I want to be able to move files on my pc, rescan plex etc but using the ipad.

    The closest thing I can see is Slashtop 2 but not sure, if the desktop needs to accept the connection,

    Any adv. appreciated.
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    Night Spring

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    We are currently using Splashtop at my work. You need to download and install Splashtop Server on your PC, and make sure it's set to run at startup. Once you do that, connecting is quick -- you open the app on your iPad, tap your computer from the list that shows up, and you get connected. I think it's free to use if you just want to use it on a computer on the same wifi network as your iPad. If you want to remote over the internet, you have to pay. There's also Teamviewer, which works the same way and is also almost as good, and it's free for personal use.
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    I did not know this was even possible until i read your thread. I just went and did a few searches on the topic. Teamviewer seemed well reviewed so I downloaded it.

    First impressions is that it is awesome. It is free for non-commercial use. No ads that i have seen. great connection. easy interface. Free to use over remote internet as well

    And I like the setup they have for the mouse. It is always in the middle of the screen (unless going to the edge of the screen). So this means clicking on the touch screen is very easy!! you just have to line up the mouse, not your finger to click.

    Highly recommended so far
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