Best Apple contact to discuss recent order problems?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by AdiosVista, Nov 1, 2010.

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    I've gone through a terrible experience with Apple shipping a faulty iMac and not being helpful in resolving the issue (long story but in short: 1st machine bad, wouldn't send replacement without me purchasing second machine, then they billed for items I didn't order and are making me send back before I get refunded).

    My question is what is the best method users have found in contacting an Apple representative who's worth talking to? Every time I call AppleCare, I have to talk to 3-4 people before anything gets done. Is there a good e-mail or phone number everyone has found for quickly speaking with someone higher up who will be willing to help? I'd love to send Apple a nice long e-mail to help them improve their customer care but I don't know who to send to. Any advice is much appreciated!
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    Agreed. Customer Relations seem to be the people that can make stuff happen. If you talk to them, and get nowhere, then your last resort will be an email to Steve Jobs doesn't personally read hardly any of those, but they go to Executive Relations, which is like Customer Relations' older brother. They can go even further in resolving issues for you than Customer Relations, but it's best to go in the proper order.

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    Excellent, thank you both for the helpful info!

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