Best Bluetooth for iPhone?? needs to be small!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by pedroistheman, Jun 18, 2008.

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    So as you all know, there is a new state law coming in effect in a couple weeks that forces all drivers to drive with a bluetooth device. I'm not sure if your states already have this, but California is going with this on July 1. Unfortunately for myself, the law also states that minors can't drive with ANY cellular device, even with bluetooth. Don't ask me how they are going to pull me over, I thought that was PROFILING!!

    But anyway, I need a bluetooth headset that's somewhat small and reliable. And I don't want to get some cheap piece of crap that's so small its gonna fall out of my ear either.

    I know there's an iPhone specific bluetooth but I believe any bluetooth can work with the iPhone. What are the advantages of owning a bluetooth specific to the iPhone? You can't play music through it, can you?
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    I always found bluetooth headsets to be "meh" at best. Even the Jawbone failed to really impress me. The main fault being that whenever i put my phone in my pocket or if i walked into the other room the sound quality would drop dramatically.

    That said I think you would probably be better off with a bluetooth speaker phone type device in your car. I've read of devices that transmit over your radio into your car speakers and etc...dunno how well they work though. Good thing about a speakerphone option is there's no device in your ear so no police could bust you for it.

    As for bluetooth stereo headphones, the iPhone doesn't support A2DP which is that profile that would allow you to do that. Then again I personally wouldn't use it just cuz of the sound quality (again static) and battery drain alone. Different people feal differently about this though.
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    Jun 10, 2008
    ive used them to drive before i got my car equipped with it. I dont know how ppl drive while talking on the phones with out some kind of ear piece device. I use the jawbone too, it usually works great sometimes has problems. having bluetooth in the car with iphone is a life saver

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