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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by MorphingDragon, Jun 22, 2009.

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    Whats a book you would recommend to learn Cocoa/Objective-C and maybe Cocoa Touch? I was think of the For Dummies book as I got their HTML/XHTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT book and it was pretty well written and went into plenty of depth. :apple:

    Is there a better book that is relatively simple?
    Before recommending something can I ask to make sure its available at either:

    as I got a warning for customs that if I want to import anything more Ill have to apply for a license.
  2. maolsen macrumors newbie


    May 4, 2009
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    "Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) by Stephen Kochan" and "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron Hillegass." Both of these books seem to be more popular than any other Obj-C and Cocoa book on the market. I can also say from my own experience that they are both written very well.
  3. gbacklin macrumors newbie

    Jun 22, 2009
  4. Meek Wriggle macrumors member

    Jun 10, 2009
    Seconding these. I'm going through Programming in Objective-C 2.0 just now and it serves as both an excellent introduction to programming, OOP and the Objective-C language.
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    Sep 15, 2008
    I second Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (3rd Edition) by Aaron Hillegass
    I had the second edition as well, and this book has worked great for me.
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    I got the Aaron Hillegass book, I ahd a quick look in i and it was very very good.

    I still want to know why there is a vesper on it though :S
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    Mar 23, 2008
    Programming in Objective-C 2.0 (2nd Edition) by Stephen Kochan

    I'm currently in the process of reading it for the second time, first time I got the gist of it. Now the 2nd time through everything is really sinking in :cool:

    The book is well written and informative, teaching the language under the assumption of no previous programing knowledge gives anyone a chance to learn Objective-C. Though those with previous programing knowledge may have a bit of a head start and may want to just skim the first couple chapters.

    I read the book with some prior, minor, knowledge of C++ so it helped a bit.
    The writer of the book is very active in his own forums always out to help anyone in need of assistance, and has helped me a few times. Also all the answers (to the exercises) and programing examples are available on his forum as well which is a nice added bonus.

    All in all I would suggest this book to anyone looking to learn Objective-C
  8. gamera~ macrumors member

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    Second — Kochan & Hillegass — that's how I started.
  9. macFan3000 macrumors newbie

    Oct 31, 2008
    Can't go wrong with Kochan or Hillegass. On Chapter four of Kochan. Hillgass right next to be for later.

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