best book for iphone/ipad programming?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by hassoon, Sep 5, 2012.

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    hi, i just need a book for to create apps for both iphone/ipad. i know objective-c language and i worked for a while on it. so i'm looking for a book that can teach step by step how to create apps or teach you in a way that it shows you how an app is being created besides the informations that it have (similar to what objective-c for dummies has which teach you objective-c along side with what's happening and the info's). i want a clear straight forward book not kind of a book that only give out informations, i want "practice first"!! Thank you!:apple:
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    I haven't been into books for a while, since I got over that step.
    But most people tend to recommand big nerd ranch guide, the one I used to use is the iOS cookbook by erica. Those are "make apps, learn stuff"-books :)
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    the Learning Track im going for is this to gain full understanding of ios Programming

    Big Nerd Ranch Obj-C book -> m.kochans Programming in Ob-c 4th edition -> BNR ios Programming -> Begining ios5 app dev in Full Color its a good start. then going to more advanced cookbooks,

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