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Jan 31, 2019

I am new in apple world and i need some advice. In this summer i will work in America. I will work from 20 June to 30 September in east coast Daleware and I leave America somewhere at 9,10,11 October. I heard they are sales in that period in day s like 4th July Independence Day, Labour Day and Columbus Day. But.. I do not know which period is more profitable. I want to buy a macbook pro and an ipad pro 2018 version. Someone from States can help me with an answer? Thank you!

Clix Pix

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One thing you will be happy to hear is that the state of Delaware does not charge sales tax, so on an expensive item such as a MacBook Pro you will save money anyway, as opposed to purchasing the item in a state which does charge sales tax. Since you will be in Delaware for several months you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity to shop at the Apple store at the Christiana Mall in Delaware.
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