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Aug 14, 2009
BB is offering an extra 10% off open box /clearance items through today. Not sure if it needs a coupon (I got one via email) but it's a good way to pickup an iPad at a discount.

I got an Air 128/Cellular (which seem to be hard to find, only 1 BB within 50 miles had an open box model) for nearly 200$ off; only downsides were:

1) No box - but everything was there except the Apple stickers and SIM card tool. Since I chuck boxes anyway it was no big deal for me given the savings.

2) Previous buyer had activated the cellular plan (which was still working) and try as I might I could not get the provider to turn it off. I didn't realize it until I saw I was getting emails with no WiFi connection. Not really an issue since I pulled the SIM card and went with T-Mobile but you'd think someone returning a device would remember to kill the data plan as well. According to the provider it was on auto renew as well.


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Oct 23, 2013
Yes great deals are going on now at Best Buy with the additional 10% off. Yesterday I managed to snag a white/silver 16Gb wifi Air for $382 before taxes and today I lucked up on a rMini 16Gb wifi for $324 before taxes. I feel like it's Christmas all over again :)

Both iPads were in excellent (practically new) condition. I'm in Apple heaven after coming from a long journey from Win 8/Android world.

Apple has made great strides since I've been gone!!!

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